I need extra C/C++ performance now. How?

Hello everyone, today we are going to talk about C++ performance. Again, another “usual” perf blog as you may think. I promise to give really practical advice and don’t get bullshitty (okay, a little bit) talks about how C++ is performant. We are gonna roast the compilers and think about what we should do aboutContinue reading “I need extra C/C++ performance now. How?”

News Aggregator from Scratch in 2 Weeks

Data Clustering Contest was a two-week data science and engineering competition held by Telegram in May. The Telegram team wanted participants to build a simple yet effective news aggregator that consolidates thousands of articles from various publishers and websites into a single page, which shows the latest news in real time, exactly like Google News, Bing News orContinue reading “News Aggregator from Scratch in 2 Weeks”

Optimizing 128-bit Division

When it comes to hashing, sometimes 64 bit is not enough, for example, because of birthday paradox — the hacker can iterate through random entities and it can be proven that with some constant probability they will find a collision, i.e. two different objects will have the same hash. is around 4 billion objects andContinue reading “Optimizing 128-bit Division”

How to crack HashCode competition with some engineering skills

Hi everyone, hashcode is over. As now I can tell anything, I want just to tell how I was solving this problem, my methodologies, overall the structure of the data sets. I am not going to provide any internals and whatsoever, all data can be checked and much of it is my personal opinion thoughContinue reading “How to crack HashCode competition with some engineering skills”

I wrote Go code for 3 weeks and you won’t believe what happened next

Historically, I am a C++ programmer and really like all this kind of C-ish stuff — from raw assembly to high level abstractions and SFINAE methods. For the past three weeks I managed to write lots of Go code — around 10k LOC without almost knowing anything when I started. I want to talk whatContinue reading “I wrote Go code for 3 weeks and you won’t believe what happened next”

How to contribute to Abseil with a visible performance gain

Overview of Abseil Abseil is a great C++ library with a special and unique philosophy inside it. While there is a lot of debate what C++ is prioritizing more – portability or performance with possibly breaking changes, Abseil library aims in a standard compatible way to provide best library features of all standards sometimes withContinue reading “How to contribute to Abseil with a visible performance gain”

About me and this blog

I am Danila Kutenin. I am an engineer working at Google and doing distributed and high performance C++ software. My main interests are distributed systems, operating systems design, hardware testing, compilers, APIs, algorithms and theoretical computer science. I worked for almost for 2 years at Yandex doing the core search engine – one of theContinue reading “About me and this blog”