About me and this blog

I am Danila Kutenin. I am an engineer working at Google and doing distributed and high performance C++ software. My main interests are distributed systems, operating systems design, hardware testing, compilers, APIs, algorithms and theoretical computer science.

I worked for almost for 2 years at Yandex doing the core search engine – one of the biggest runtime services in Russia facing million of daily users and thousands QPS. Also, I was one of the C++ library maintainers fixing, optimizing and providing cleaner APIs for all C++ code at Yandex. There I learned a lot how to do high performance and distributed things, how to manage huge clusters and to find my way to what I like and what I don’t.

Now I am working at Google doing internal distributed file system facing all Googlers all around the world, providing best user experience in latency, speed and synchronization. My side projects include patching compilers, LLVM, C++ main library, documentation engine, Chromium and everything that I find funny enough to do and to investigate.

This blog is a way of expressing and combining my interests and feelings about practical engineering explaining a lot of “why”s from its theoretical, hardware and software side – from getting a brilliant math idea to an actual implementation, assembly code generation and how it is dealing with a hardware revealing all the magic that is happening through all the stack.

If you want something to discuss, everything you want me to ask/suggest, please reach me out at kutdanila at gmail dot com. Also, you can always find me on Twitter @Danlark1.

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